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Fees & Prices

Our prices are based on the current market prices for dentistry. However, we recommend that you consider many factors and not just the price, when making a decision about which dental practice you would like to go with. We are highly rated and our reviews are exceptional. When choosing the right dentist it is advisable to consider this. Our dentists are not just industry qualified, but are extremely experienced. Experience is gold in dentistry. Our prices can vary depending on the treatment and materials used. The prices you see here are (from). Therefore, contact us and ask us for more information. We are here for you. We can not list all the prices for every single service and treatments. This will just overwhelm you. We have looked at other websites and information online and it is full of jargon and complicated wording that just creates a lot of confusion. At vitality we do not believe in overselling or any gimmicks to make you part money. Our founder is a firm believer in ethical practice. We also follow all government guidelines and will never suggest or push you towards spending money that you do not need to. We will give you the right guidance, suggestions and be there for you so you are fully informed. In some cases we might even deter you from wanting treatments and paying when you do not need to. Many patients also compare prices with treatments abroad, or question why something that looks simple from the outside is priced in a certain way. The answer is that we answer to the UK dental guidelines and quality, and follow strict protocals. Dentistry is a highly skilled profession that requires years of studying and training. Our prices reflect this. Our treatments and services are world class. Vitality dental group has treated celebrities and stars who trust us. One of the many reasons besides how good we are is that we are very clear and upfront. We don't want to be in Harley street or Chelsea. We want to be in Tottenham and Whitechapel. We want to make world class service available to you.

15% OFF students, Civil Servants, Blue Light Workers

NO New Patient Registration Fees FOR ALL New Patients

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Why Choose Vitality Dental Care as your dentist?

Our Surgery

Our surgeries use some of the most advanced dental examinations tools available to us. This means we can combine the expertise of our dentist with the most latest dental technology to give you an exceptional dental care and service.

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