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Get seen within 24 hours* with our experienced dentists for only £75

*Subject to appointment availability

Get Your Dental Pain Treated - FAST!
✔ Get seen FAST - don’t suffer pain or discomfort, get seen and treated fast.

✔ No hidden costs, we offer flat fee diagnosis and transparent treatment fees.

✔ We are proud to help 100’s of patients each month.

We understand that there are times when you need to see a dentist as quickly as possible. Debilitating toothache, an infection, or a damaged tooth can all require immediate dental attention.

If you need an emergency dentist in London, then don’t worry – we are here to assist you.

We can help you if you have:

Wisdom tooth problem
Broken filling or veneer
Lost crown
Orthodontic emergency
Dental implant emergency
Jaw ache
These are some of the common issues we see. We are able to help you with much more. Call us if you need assistance.

Outside normal working hours, you can reach us on the emergency number 020 8808 8484.

Please note that additional charges apply when patients are seen outside normal working hours.

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Why Choose Vitality Dental Care as your dentist?

Our Surgery

Our surgeries use some of the most advanced dental examinations tools available to us. This means we can combine the expertise of our dentists with the most latest dental technology to give you an exceptional dental care and service.

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Vitality Dental Tottenham

111 Philip Lane Tottenham N15 4JR

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9:00 am – 6:00 pm



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